What is Kaf?

Kaf is a 100% plant based pastry shop – actually the first of its kind in Denmark!

We offer both coffee, tea and cake, as well as pastries, brunch and lunch. The café is cozy and laid back with a focus on the customer, who we prioritise developing a personal relationship with.

We pride ourselves on our delicious and unique cakes that make people ask “Is it really true that they are made without using any animal ingredients?“, and to that the answer is a big YES! In addition to our bread, where we have a great focus on high hydration and sourdough, for a  better taste and digestion.

We have a wide selection of cakes and pastries to choose from but Kaf always strive to be innovative. Therefore you can expect to be introduced to brand new cakes and other tasty treats from time to time.

Our story

Kaf was founded in 2015, originally by two people. In the beginning Kaf was a café, where the ambition was to create a place where everyone felt welcome and where vegans wouldn’t have to pay extra for their choice of not consuming animal products, nor miss out on the great taste of cakes and food.

In 2016 Kaf was officially taken over by one of the founders, Magnus, who began to further develop Kaf and his cakes to what it is now.

Today Kaf is still owned by Magnus, but is constantly growing bigger with each passing day – both when it comes to the amount of customers and a strong, talented team, which currently consists of 14 employees.

Kaf has a lot of exciting dreams for the future where we want to pay even more attention to responsible eating, as our globe of agriculture needs more responsibility from both consumer and manufacturer.

Our values

We aim to make something that, besides containing no animal ingredients, taste better than the traditional.

We care deeply for ecology, raw materials and of course animal welfare, and believe these principles are the way forward. Additionally we offer gluten free alternatives, as it is important to us, that everyone can join in.

Kaf is for everyone, whether you eat plant based yourself or maybe just curious about trying an alternative!

In 2017 Kaf won the prize Årets Veganske Spisested by Dansk Veganerforening and was nominated as Byens Bedste by Berlingske in 2018.